Why Solar?

Purchasing a rooftop solar system represents a fundamental shift in the way you power your home or business.

Basically you produce your own electricity every day rather than buying it.

As Energy providers try to keep up with demand and prices continue to increase owning a solar systems will insulate your home or business from the ever changing market.

Good for the Environment.

Good for the Environment.

Unlike conventional power, solar produces no harmful emissions that hurt the environment. It's a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources: the sun.

Even the energy used to produce the PV cells is paid back soon after. Depending on the type, Energy Pay-Back Time (EPBT) for PV and CPV systems is estimated to be between 0.5 and 1.4 years. After that point, it's all renewable, all the time.

In the U.S., fossil fuels are used to generate 68% of the electricity we consume, and the resulting emissions from the combustion of those fuels aren't good, including:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) - a greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) -
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2) - causes acid rain, which is harmful to plants and to animals that live in water, also exacerbating respiratory illnesses and heart diseases
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) - contributes to ground-level ozone, which irritates and damages lungs
  • Particulate matter (PM) - causes hazy conditions in cities and scenic areas. Coupled with ozone it contributes to asthma and chronic bronchitis
  • Mercury and other heavy metals - hazardous to human and animal health

​Compare all that with the emission-free technology of solar energy and solar becomes the obvious solution.